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20 July
Richard Dobbs, Uday Kotak,and Anu Madgavkar discuss the intricate changes in global trends.
16 July
How does media influence social change?
10 July
Raghav Bahl, Adil Zainulbhai and Indrani Bagchi discuss India's potential to be the next SuperEconomy.
17 June
Wenchi Yu discusses the impact of the 10,000 Women Programe launched by The Goldman Sachs Foundation.
28 May
Rowan Callick discusses the influence of the modern-day Chinese Communist Party.
19 May
‘The Eediot's Guide to India-Pakistan Dosti’ is a graphic booklet that explores the India – Pakistan relationship and aims to dispel myths and stigmas in an interactive and tongue-in-cheek fashion.
19 May
Sitara Studio and Asia Society celebrated Sabeen Mahmud with an evening of creative expression.
4 May
Mayor Annise D. Parker and Dr. Reuben Abraham engage in a conversation about sustainable living cities.
4 May
Mayor Annise D. Parker and Parmesh Shahani provide cross-cultural perspectives from the LGBTQ community.
27 April
Can cultural narratives be employed to change social constructs?