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21 February
Gurcharan Das on “the inevitable race between India and China… the question is whether India will fix its governance first or China will fix its politics."
14 February
UN Under Secretary General Designate discusses "How We Might Think About Development" at ASIC breakfast.
8 February
Pakistani artist showcases her new work centered on present-day Lahore.
7 February
Public officials, educators, actors, and a former Asia Society President convene to address violence against women in contemporary society.
24 January
Slideshow: master musician shares insights into music as a source of cultural identity.
20 January
In conversation with a leading installation artist in his homely Chembur studio.
17 January
Brown University political scientist: "Geographically concentrated identities can no longer be erased."
8 January
Saskia Sassen, Arjun Appadurai and Anupama Rao discuss urban space.
19 December
Surjit Bhalla and Rajiv Lall discuss currency undervaluation and its impact on the economy.
13 December
Breakfast Roundtable on the "Implications of the US and Chinese Political Leadership Transitions"