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Music of Bhutan: Traditions from the Land of the Thunder Dragon

Music of Bhutan Research Centre
Music of Bhutan Research Centre

Join master musician and vocalist Kheng Sonam Dorji, as he shares insights on how music continues to provide the foundation for cultural identity and serves as a medium through which the Bhutanese connect with community, nature, and the cosmos. Dorji will showcase the drangyen, a traditional string instrument played in Bhutan, and elaborate on his work at the Music of Bhutan Research Centre in Thimpu, where he documents musical traditions of the country's diverse regional, linguistic and ethnic groups.

Sonam Dorji is a master musician, vocalist, and composer who plays several instruments native to Bhutan and India. He has released a string of hit rigsar (Bhutanese pop) albums and composed the first-ever nationally broadcast song in Khengpa, his native language, which earned him the name Kheng Sonam Dorji. International audiences know him through his contributions to the acclaimed Bhutanese film Travellers and Magicians, his appearances at the Smithsonian's Festival of American Folklife in Washington D.C., and the BT River of Music Festival in London with Arun Ghosh for the 2012 Olympic Games.

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This programme falls under our AsiaBuzz series, which is a networking series designed to showcase experts from diverse backgrounds in an evening of drinks, discussions, and exchanges. Previous speakers we have hosted include CEO of Datawind Suneet Singh Tuli, Head of Global Investment for Goldman Sachs’ South East Asia Operations Brooks Entwhistle, hammered dulcimer musician Max ZT and actor and comedian, Vir Das.

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