Asia on a Plate at Burma Burma

Asia on a Plate, highlights the trends and traditions of Asian cuisine. Our first taste was an exquisite evening at Burma Burma.
Asia on a Plate, highlights the trends and traditions of Asian cuisine. Our first taste was an exquisite evening at Burma Burma.

MUMBAI, 9 July, 2014 --  Asia Society India Center launched its new series, Asia on a Plate, highlighting the trends and traditions of Asian cuisine. Our members joined us for an exquisite evening at Burma Burma, one of the hottest new restaurants in Mumbai. The event, marking the two month anniversary of Burma Burma, gave guests a close-up look at Chef Khan’s brilliant fusion of Burmese and Indian food. The concept of Burma Burma hails from owner Ankit Gupta’s Burmese roots. It is often said that the best way to learn about another culture is through its cuisine. Burmese food is an amalgamation of Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan and Thai cuisines. The medium spicy fare ranges from steamed buns (paukse) to parathas (palathas) to an authentic salad of fermented green tea leaves and even Burmese falooda.

Gupta shared a historical perspective on Burmese cuisine and the crossover of Indian influences featured on his menu. Head Chef Khan curated a 5-course feast showcasing off-menu dishes which he designed exclusively for our programme. We were treated to a tea tasting and demonstration explaining the traditions of Burmese tea culture. Gupta’s mother talked to the guests about her experiences of growing up in Myanmar, and how her upbringing allowed her to experiment with tastes and flavors that most Indians had never heard of. The family’s presence and engagement created a special element of warmth that perfectly capped off the evening. Food is obviously the biggest attraction at Burma Burma, but apart from the exquisite menu, the restaurant possesses a modern day Burmese ambiance. A whole wall consists of 9 elements called the "Prayer Wheel" which have been designed in house. To keep with the authenticity, the owners have flown chopsticks and sunflower seeds from Burma to ensure that every customer gets an glimpse into the culture and tradition of a nation that many Indians are unfamiliar with. The event wrapped up with an exotic Durian ice cream followed by closing remarks from Chef Khan and owner Ankit Gupta. Members were able to experience Myanmar holistically in terms of Food, Culture and Happiness! 

Reported by Suhavini Singh, Intern, Asia Society India Centre

The Asia on a Plate series highlights the trends and traditions of Asian cuisine, traverses the cutting-edge gastronomy and timeless traditions of the region, and explores the distinctly intertwined relationship between food and culture across the Asia-Pacific.

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