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23 July
"Light Before Dawn" co-curators explain the key messages they want audiences to take away from the exhibition.
17 July
Announcing the winners of our first social media photo contest.
16 July
Playing male and female roles, Anewsa Mahanta mesmerized a full house in her Sattriya performance.
28 June
Adam Falk argued for the purpose, value and impact of a classic liberal arts education.
27 June
"The clock is ticking .... The time to adapt the new Internet population is not that long," says former Alibaba CEO.
27 June
Beginning in May, and running through August, the Asia Society Hong Kong Center will screen two Chinese arts documentaries each month at the Miller Theater (Former Magazine B).
17 June
Legendary classical musician Pepe Romero engaged a musical dialogue.
11 June
Mark Tercek explained how nature can work together with business in a win-win pattern.
10 June
"Development, in the end, requires political leadership," argues British analyst.
7 June
When we look at its levels of energy consumption and garbage, is Hong Kong a sustainable city?