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17 June
Legendary classical musician Pepe Romero engaged a musical dialogue.
11 June
Mark Tercek explained how nature can work together with business in a win-win pattern.
10 June
"Development, in the end, requires political leadership," argues British analyst.
7 June
When we look at its levels of energy consumption and garbage, is Hong Kong a sustainable city?
6 June
Ms. Ci Sun (孙慈穎) gave a private piano recital to help raise funds for Asia Society Hong Kong Center.
6 June
A nifty review on the architecture of Asia Society Hong Kong Center.
5 June
Oxford Mindfulness Centre Director explains how we can liberate our thinking through a form of meditation.
27 May
Architects Bing Thom and Ronald Lu are joined by Professor Qinyun Ma for a talk on the upcoming Chinese opera center.
6 May
France's top diplomat emphasizes areas of cooperation, collaboration in speech.
18 April
A beehive was found at Asia Society Hong Kong Center created an opportunity for two designers to collaborate.