TIME International's Michael Elliott on an issue that went missing in the 2008 contest.
Sun Chaofen on China's past, and current, language policy.

May 7, 1998

Karen, Nick, Ronny, your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,

Former Minister for Economic and Fiscal Policy touts radical three-point strategic agenda.
Ambassador Zhang Yan says no plans for "encirclement" of India.
2008 selections present survivors' stories, from India to the Philippines to the United States.
As part of the Asian Families Series, Hong Kong members meet those at the helm of prominent family businesses.
What lessons did Asia learn from the past, and is the region prepared for another financial shock?
Speaking to Asia Society Hong Kong Center, the Nobel Laureate in Economics discusses history and disciplines.
In the immediate wake of 9/11, George Soros, the legendary financier, addresses the Asia Society Hong Kong Center.

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