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23 April
Rawi Hage and Madeleine Thien see writing as a mad person's craft, but admit that injustice is one of their prime motivations for their work.
17 April
Filmmaker makes documentaries because she wants "to give a voice to people who don't have a voice."
13 April
Venerable Sik Hin Hung offers an enlightening discussion of his personal views on Buddhism.
12 April
Contrary to popular wisdom, Asian nations are not bankrolling the United States, says top banking official.
28 March
Organizations, groups, and students have been invited for a heritage and gallery tour in ASHKC.
26 March
A background studying architecture underlies Pastry Chef Jansen Chan's extraordinary confections.
23 March
Top banker says 'louder, clearer' voice from region's leaders must accompany the shift in the center of gravity from East to West.
22 March
Forbes, Inc. CEO and former Presidential candidate assesses U.S. economy, upcoming election, and their likely effect on the global economy.
20 March
On March 16, 2012, Hong Kong Tai Hung College joined an exciting education program with Asia Society Hong Kong Center to learn more about the heritage site and inaugural exhibition, Transforming Minds: Buddhism in Art.
20 March
How many people does it take to move a giant Buddha head? Find out in this video shot at Asia Society Hong Kong Center earlier this year.