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9 July
To understand Chinese cities and its traditional cultures on buildings, we should first understand Chinese writing.
3 July
Kids learnt about Caravaggio and Matteo Ricci through creating their own unique kaleidoscope and clocks, the innovative gadgets that were inspired by technologies Ricci brought to China.
25 June
The geography of Hong Kong has contributed to multiple outbreaks of infectious diseases, and chances have been taken to strive for medical excellence.
25 June
Sophia Law of Lingnan University studied the artwork made by the Vietnamese refugees in Hong Kong, who used art as the means of expressing their feelings.
23 June
Panelists examine, from varying perspectives, the anonymous and controversial digital currency.
18 June
A specially designed Educators’ Tour to the Xu Bing exhibition was held, together with other education offerings this summer.
13 June
A symposium to discuss issues relating to global competitiveness in Asia was well received by guests and media in the region.
12 June
ASHK launched the first solo exhibition of Xu Bing in Hong Kong
12 June
Screening of a documentary celebrating the legendary heritage of the Kadoorie family and The Peninsula Hotels.
12 June
The Carnegie Moscow Center's Director analyzes fallout from the Ukraine crisis between Russia and the international community, and its possible effects on Russian policy toward Asia.