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27 March
Interactive and reflective performances by No Country: Contemporary Art for South and Southeast Asia exhibiting artist, Truong Tan.
25 March
It all started with Michael Bloomberg, who designed the in-house computerized financial system...
19 March
An afternoon of sketching fun!
24 February
Influential thinkers from India and around the world share insights about how India, Asia's "other superpower," might forge a better future.
6 February
Join us down the memory lane and see what we have accomplished in the past 24 months since the opening of our center at the Admiralty address.
5 February
Addressed the region's complicated historical, political, and social entanglements through contemporary art.
29 January
An auspicious Chinese Family Day was held together with over 700 families and friends last Sunday in celebration of the Year of Horse.
27 January
Panelists explore the almanac's roots in Chinese agrarian culture, as well as its use in modern, urban life.
20 January
Thanks to the J.K. and Ingrid Lee Foundation, Long Island Buddha finds its permanent home at Asia Society Hong Kong Center
16 December
Shows the dramatic long-term impact of tourism over 30 years.