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3 September
Explore the secretive, feminine side of Chinese Music with Tan Dun, Elizabeth Hainen and Ken Smith.
1 September
Educators discussed the mission and concepts behind the Asian University for Women.
22 August
Lim Guan Eng, Penang’s fourth Chief Minister, shares his insights on Malaysia’s political scenario.
2 August
The intern opportunities at Asia Society Hong Kong Center provides invaluable experiences.
22 July
Dr. Miwako Tezuka deciphers the mysterious dimension of 'kawaii' in Nara's art.
16 July
Roger Goodman explains what can be learnt from Japan's demographic change.
14 July
Discussants explored the main ingredients of Israel’s successful economy as well as analyzed the Israeli experience that have influenced and shaped the Israeli mindset.
24 June
Tom Nagorski and Justin Vogt discussed US-China relations and the upcoming presidential election.
17 June
Wilson Shieh gives an illustration master class under the theme "Life is Only One"
17 June
Ko Nam provides a sign language workshop for a deeper understanding of Yoshitomo Nara's art