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19 November
The Islamic State is destroying Mesopotamia's cultural landscape.
14 November
Half day symposium in Singapore where regional business leaders, NGO leaders, government officials and academics shared insights on the skill gap issues within the ‘ASEAN Five'.
12 November
How and why should women lead in science, business and technology fields?
12 November
Together with Costinas and Cruz, he shared his new ways in expressing his works and creating immersive museum experiences.
11 November
Author, Atul Gawande addressed the changing human experience of mortality.
10 November
Daniel A. Bell on his new book, "The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy”.
31 October
Multimedia artist, Tiffany Chung explained this topic with her works.
29 October
Artist Miya Ando discusses the inspiration and process behind her abstract paintings on metal with Yifawn Lee, publisher of Orientations Magazine.
28 October
Dr. Scott Hessels presents new technologies and media in contemporary art and demonstrates how creatives today are partnering with forces in the environment to make artworks that are a hybrid of man and nature.
24 October
Photographer Palani Mohan tells the story between the burkitshi and eagles.