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30 September
Experts talk about the development of smart economy in China.
9 September
Chief Secretary Carrie Lam officiates the opening ceremony of the Picturing Asia: Double Take exhibition.
1 September
Historian Gordon H. Chang gives a fascinating account of the history of U.S. preoccupation with China.
25 August
Sarah Howe talks about poetry as a potential interpreter of migrant experience when writing in the space between countries, cultures and races.
25 August
Director Chang Chao-wei discusses The Rocking Sky, an animated documentary, with the audience.
25 August
Athol McCredie talks about the career of Brian Brake.
25 August
Xu Xi and Amitav Ghosh talk about the craft and vision in writing.
25 August
Stefan Al, Cecilia Chu and Stan Lai discuss the effects of shopping mall development in Hong Kong.
25 August
Ning Liang and Justin Lavender perform Mahler's Das Lied with a twist.
15 August
Former interns share their work experience at ASHK