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8 February
Watch the Asia Society Hong Kong grand opening ceremony live online.
7 February
On January 31, The New York Times covered Asia Society's expansion plans in Hong Kong and Houston.
2 February
The world's leading resource for Buddhist cinema comes to Hong Kong, with over a dozen films from nearly as many nations.
2 February
We offer a rundown of media coverage related to the new multimillion dollar Asia Society buildings opening soon in Asia and the United States.
1 February
Located at 9 Justice Drive, The Asia Society Hong Kong Center at The Hong Kong Jockey Club Former Explosives Magazine combines new construction with four former military buildings.
4 January
A slowdown in the Chinese economy is a good thing, says influential Chinese economist, Fan Gang, Director of China’s National Economic Research Institute.
4 January
Magnus Böcker, Charles Li, Madhu Kannan discuss the recent flurry of merger activity on Asian stock markets with moderator Ronnie Chan.
4 January
US Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, spoke at the Fall Gala Dinner in Hong Kong, November 2, 2011.
7 November
The former U.S. Secretary Treasury looks at challenges to the U.S. and global economies at the Hong Kong Center's annual gala event.
12 October
Top economists assess potential drags on the Chinese economy over the next decade.