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The Magic of Migration

by wpoon
5 January 2010

HONG KONG, January 9, 2010 -- Freshwater wetlands are among the most important yet least
appreciated links in the ecological chain. They provide crucial
habitats for wildlife, yet many of the world's wetlands have been
destroyed in the past century.

The Mai Po Nature Reserve is one
of the six most important wetlands reserves in China and is a Hong Kong
treasure. This sanctuary was created in 1984 by the World Wildlife
Fund; 11 years later it became a wetland of international significance
under the Ramsar Convention of 1995. The wetlands around Mai Po Marshes
and Inner Deep Bay are a haven for migratory birds; in winter,
thousands of birds return there including over 70% of all Hong Kong

With interpretation from a guide, Asia Society members and their family
can spend a relaxing day in Mai Po and learn about the mystery and
magic of waterbird migration. You can also see the birds close up from
the birdwatching hides and explore Mai Po's many walking trails.

* Priority for Asia Society members

* Minimum age limit of 12 years

* Registrations accepted until January 4 2010, to allow for entry permit to be processed.