Interns of Asia Society Hong Kong Center

Interns are valuable assets to Asia Society Hong Kong Center. We believe that the experience of working at the Hong Kong Center empowers future leaders with global vision and innovative ideas. In this summer, 20 students have joined our internship program, and there are more to come in the future. Let’s hear what some of them have to say!

Isaac Chan/ Strategic Development/ McGill University/ Year 2
This has been a remarkably rewarding first internship. I have worked under some of the most intelligent, organized, and skilled supervisors in Asia Society who have mentored me with great patience. The intern life here is also pleasant, highly eventful and story-like. I could not ask for a better experience.

Gary Chow/ External Affairs/ The University of Hong Kong/ Year 2
The best thing about working here is the opportunities for me to bring my ideas into the job. My supervisors are generous and supportive, and I am always motivated to strive for excellence. Apart from work, they are good mentors too. The experience is beyond amazing!

Keith Chui/ Events and Visitor Service/ Hong Kong Polytechnic University/ Year 3
Working at Asia Society Hong Kong Center is a precious opportunity for me to have a better preparation for my future career pathway in event field. I can enhance my communication and problem tackling skills through observations and experience.

Karin Honarvar/ Strategic Development/ Smith College/ Year 2
My experience at Asia Society has been just that – an experience. Working with Helen, Trish, and Vicky in the Strategic Development team has taught me invaluable lessons about the working world, and time experiencing the intern life here will stay with me in the future. Thank you, Asia Society!

Denis Kwok/ Management/ Hong Kong Baptist University/ Year 1
Working as an intern in Asia Society is really a unique and unforgettable experience for me. I am really impressed by the surrounding environment in the center as it is difficult to see post-war heritages in Hong Kong. I would like to thank all of the staff and interns who taught and helped me a lot during my internship.

Stephanie Lau/ Programs (Arts & Culture)/ McGill University/ Year 3
Even though my time at ASHK is short, it has been rewarding. My highlights are befriending other interns, interacting with children at workshops, and learning a great deal about planning and organization. I am grateful for my time here and hope to keep in touch with everyone!

Janice Li/ External Affairs/ Lingnan University/ Year 2
Asia Society Hong Kong Center provides a very nice, comfortable environment and working atmosphere for me to enjoy my internship. Apart from gaining working experience, I am also given an opportunity to get to know other students from other universities, fostering the exchange between different universities.

Aileen Shih/ External Affairs/ The University of Hong Kong/ Year 1
Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. My first experience of working as an intern at ASHK equips me with competence for the future. People are all amiable and willing to teach, creating a harmonious, yet challenging working environment. I feel like coming as a nothing and leaving with fruitful harvests.

Ryan Tang/ Events and Visitor Service/ Hong Kong Polytechnic University/ Year 3
Truly a valuable experience with a family-like organizational culture. In this team I can accumulate experience in relate to customer services and I am able to participate in events through making event orders, these opportunities consolidate my knowledge throughout my study and would be helpful in my future career. I am satisfied with these 2 month’s experience and would recommend this company to the others.

Cecilia Wong/ Events and Visitor Service/ Hong Kong Polytechnic University/ Year 3
I am glad to work here and be a member of Asia Society Hong Kong Center! I am gaining the precious experience of handling events and program as well as improving my customer service skills. Working here can also train my problem solving skills and quick response to sudden incident. I am enjoying to work at the center and hoping this 6 months internship can equip me into a successful leader in hospitality industry.

Heidi Yip/ Events and Visitor Service/ Hong Kong Polytechnic University/ Year 3
Working as an ambassador in EVS team, I have been given lots of opportunity to practise and further improve customer serving skills. Sometimes, jobs are challenging yet worth-trying to gain experience. Together with the support from my colleagues, I enjoy working here.