India by the Bay 2017

A Festival of Indian Performing Arts, Cultural Dynamism and Contemporary Offerings

February 17 – February 25, 2017

India by the Bay was conceived in 2015 as a first-of-its-kind festival of India in Hong Kong to bring India’s cultural dynamism and rich diversity to Hong Kong. The festival, co-presented by Asia Society Hong Kong Center and Teamwork, brings an eclectic program fusing the classical and the contemporary and encapsulating music, theater, dance, food, wellness, film and literature, essential parts of India’s cultural matrix. In the past two years, leading visionaries and practitioners of art, culture, cuisine, literature and theatre have been part of the festival, and have brought Indian traditions, both modern and ancient, closer to the people of Hong Kong. The third and 2017 chapter of the festival promises an exciting mix of artistic expression through a week-long exposition.

Click on the event's name for details and ticketing information. Please note: All events will be held at Asia Society Hong Kong Center, except "Bollywood Dance Workshop by Gilles Chuyen" and "Food: A Date with Manju Malhi," which will be held at Ovolo Southside Hotel.

Art: The Ramayana and Miniature Painting Talk

February 18

Film: In Conversation with Rishi Kapoor

February 18

India by the Bay Family Day

February 19

Theater: Dance like a Man

February 21

Textile Talk by Laila Tyabji

February 22

Bollywood Dance Workshop by Gilles Chuyen

February 22

Music: Performance by Lakshminarayana Subramaniam & Ambi Subramaniam

February 23

Dance: Performance by Aditi Mangaldas

February 24

Food: A Date with Manju Malhi 

February 25