Hong Kong: Asia Society’s Hub in Asia

Toward a new paradigm for development of Asia Society

August 22, 2012, HONG KONG — Meeting with members and supporters of Asia Society in Hong Kong and in the region, Asia Society's Co-Chairs Henrietta H. Fore and Ronnie C. Chan announced its exciting new moves in Asia and its global strategy.

They mapped out Asia Society's course toward becoming a trans-Pacific organization. "Today it is no longer where one side of the world is strong and the other side is weak," said Chan. "Today both the U.S. and Asia are prosperous. We are entering a new phase of our existence and of relationship with one another. With it comes a new paradigm for Asia Society to conduct its operations."

Alongside five centers in the U.S., Asia Society operates six outposts in the Asia Pacific, namely Hong Kong, Shanghai, Manila, Seoul, Mumbai and Sydney. Hong Kong, with its new center complete with world-class arts, performance and conference facilities, has become Asia Society's hub in Asia. Perth is the next chapter of Asia Society in Australia. Other targeted operation bases in Asia include Tokyo and Indonesia.

Fore announced two new initiatives for the coming months. One is a new Asia Society policy institute focusing in particular on the tripartite relations of China, India and the U.S. in the future development of Asia. The other one is a multi-year initiative of virtual museums for private art collectors in Asia.

Reported by Wendy Tang