Tsinghua University Art Museum, a Newborn Palace of Art


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研討會﹕下午 5:30

杜鵬飛教授,以「21世紀高校博物館的使命與擔當——帶您領略清華大學藝術博物館」 為題,為大家詮釋博物館的定位和發展方向。

A majestic palace of art – The Tsinghua University Art Museum was established within the ancient Tsinghua Garden last year in the golden times of autumn. The design of this comprehensive art museum, with a total construction area of 30,000m², was led by the globally renowned architect, Mario Botta. Since its opening in September 2016, the Museum has already attracted over 120,000 visitors, and received positive feedback from the arts and cultural sector and the public. With recognition from various sectors, the launching of the first 11 exhibitions marked the Museum’s highly professional curatorial and artistic standard. Such a successful grand opening set in motion a strong path for the future development of the Museum.

How did a university that specializes in science and technology manage to shine on the stage of art museums? We are honored to have Dr. Du Pengfei, Deputy Executive Director of the Museum to share with us in the lecture – “The mission and duty of a university museum in the 21st century – an exploration to Tsinghua University Art Museum.”

This program will be conducted in Mandarin with English simultaneous interpretation.


杜鵬飛,1970年生,遼寧人。1988年考入清華大學環境工程系,1998年獲工學博士學位。現任清華大學環境學院教授,博士生導師。長期從事環境規劃與管理領域的教學和科研工作,發表學術論文120餘篇。 2014年起擔任清華大學藝術博物館常務副館長,美術學院書法研究所客座研究員,清華大學教工書法協會會長。熱愛書畫藝術,兼從事書法創作及民國書畫史料集藏與研究,著有《藝苑重光:姚茫父編年事輯》,編著《尺素情懷:清華學人手札展》、編輯《百年清華學人手跡選》,組織策劃《尺素情懷》清華學人手札展、《剛毅堅卓》紀念抗日戰爭勝利70週年北大清華南開雲南師大四校書法巡展、《清華百年書法展》、《清風華翰》慶祝清華大學建校105週年師生書法展等藝術活動。 2016年6月在青島舉辦《書生本色》書法展。

Du Pengfei was born in 1970, in Liaoning, China. In 1988, he was admitted to the Department of Environmental Engineering at Tsinghua University, and received his doctor’s degree in 1998. He is currently a Professor and Doctoral supervisor at the School of Environment, Tsinghua University. Du has been engaged in environmental planning and management of teaching and research work, and has more than 120 academic papers published on the topic. Since 2014, he has been the Deputy Director of Tsinghua University Art Museum, the guest researcher of the Institute of Calligraphy at the Academy of Arts and Design, and the President of the Faculty of Calligraphy Association of Tsinghua University. With a passion for painting and calligraphy, Du is engaged in the study of the history of Minguo’s painting and calligraphy. His published research includes Yew Chung Kwong: Yao Mang Fu chronicles, The Exhibition of Tsinghua Scholarly and The Hundred Years of Tsinghua Scholars Calligraphy work. Du also organized Tsinghua Hundreds Years of Calligraphy Exhibition, as well as various teachers and students exhibitions to celebrate the 105th anniversary of Tsinghua University. In June, 2016, Du held the exhibition Character of Calligrapher in Tsingtao.

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Sat 25 Feb 2017
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