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'Thailand From My Perspective: The Sandwich Man,' with Sirivat Voravetvuthikun, Entrepreneur

The story of the "Sandwich Man" is one of resilience and recovery. Sirivat Voravetvuthikun graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1974 and went into finance and securities. By the early 1990s he was a multi-millionaire. Then came the 1994 stock market crash, which wiped out his investment business, followed by the Asian financial crisis in 1997, which wiped out his high-end condominium project. He was left with nothing. He ended up making sandwiches and selling them on the streets to make just a few hundred baht a day. Through hard work and an amazing spirit, he slowly built up this new business. Today, he is a success once more, running a chain of coffee shops and a catering operation. But Thailand still faces challenges, and entrepreneurs like the "Sandwich Man" are affected by the global slowdown and the domestic instability that have hit tourism and investment in the kingdom. The "Sandwich Man," a symbol of optimism and tenacity for Thais, will discuss Thailand's current situation and what the future may hold.


Event Details

Tue 29 Sep 2009
8:45am - 10:30am

Hong Kong Club, Harcourt Suite, 1 Jackson Road, Central (Please note: no jeans, sneakers, or sportswear) Hong Kong

$450 Asia Society members/ full-time students; $550 non-members