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26 September 2009 - 7:00am
The Asia Society is pleased to launch the Collectors Series, which will take our President's Circle members to the private treasure troves of art connoisseurs in Hong Kong.
25 September 2009 - 4:00pm
From his upbringing as a little shepherd in a Tibetan family in Gansu Province, northwest China to becoming a prot??g?? of William Forsythe.
24 September 2009 - 3:00pm
It's not just a meal, but a history lesson - if only you knew where to look.
18 September 2009 - 3:30pm
Emmy Award-winning musician, songwriter, producer and composer Peter Buffett has an acclaimed career that spans more than 28 years.
31 August 2009 - 8:15am
China is an emerging superpower set to take on a growing leadership role on the world stage.
18 August 2009 - 8:15am
A Luncheon Presentation by David Wyss, Global Chief Economist, Standard and Poor's As economic data has revealed a growing divergence between Western economies and those in much of Asia, notably China and India.
Special Event
22 July 2009 - 3:00pm
Mr. Leung is the Convenor of the Non-official Members of the Executive Council and a National Standing Committee member of the mainland's top advisory body, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.
16 July 2009 - 3:00pm
KJ documents the life of Wong Ka-jeng (KJ) a young pianist who was hailed as a child prodigy at the age of eleven, yet went on to become a wayward kid during his teenage years.
15 July 2009 - 4:00am
Professor Feldstein is the George F. Baker Professor of Economics at Harvard University and President Emeritus of the National Bureau of Economic Research.
7 July 2009 - 8:15am
"The Entrepreneurs" Series Tony Fernandes has spectacularly defied conventional wisdom.

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