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Para Site International Conference 2014 - Day 1

Para Site International Conference 2014

Registration at 1.45 pm
Conference from 2.00 pm to 7.30 pm

The Para Site International Conference 2014 “Is the Living Body the Last Thing Left Alive? The new performance turn, its histories and its institutions,” co-conceived by Cosmin Costinas, Executive Director/Curator at Para Site, and Ana Janevski, Associate Curator in the Department of Media and Performance Art at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, will discuss the renewed encounter between dance and performance and the institutions of global contemporary art, marking one of the most significant set of developments in the art field over the last decade.

The past twenty years have seen contemporary dance emerging as a new field of discourse and thinking. While writing within and about these developments is still in its infancy, this scene has produced some of the most powerful works of our times, reflecting the major intellectual directions and the changes in the world over these decades. More recently, dance and performance have entered the institutional realm of contemporary art, with more artists working in and around these disciplines, and with more museums, art centers and biennials considering how to deepen their commitments to performance. Divided into three larger chapters, the conference will attempt to look at the collective history of performance art, and in the process point out and extend the boundaries of what is possible in the paradigm of art and performance today.

On the first day of the conference, April 3, the focus will be on the paradigm shift that has been increasingly bringing dance into the museum and doing it in a new way. Guests of this session include Andre Lepecki (Associate Professor at the Department of Performance Studies at New York University), Boris Buden (Berlin-based writer and cultural critic), Xavier Le Roy (Berlin-based dancer and choreographer), Bojana Cvejić (Brussels-based performance theorist and dramaturg), Tang Fu Kuen (Bangkok-based curator and producer of contemporary performance), Mårten Spångberg (Sweden-based choreographer and theorist), Cosmin Costinas (Executive Director and Curator at Para Site, Hong Kong), and Dick Wong (Hong Kong-based dancer and choreographer).

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Event Details

Thu 3 Apr 2014
2:00pm - 7:30pm

9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Free admission; Online Registration Required