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Inventing Le Louvre – Illustrious Yet Unknown

Arts & Culture
By Jean-Pierre Devillers & Pierre Pochard | 57 min | Language: English

Afternoon Screening
Registration 2:45pm
Screening 3:00pm
Close 4:00pm


Illustrious Yet Unknown is a French documentary that tells the story of how Jacques Jaujard, the director of the Louvre museum during World War II, led the museum staff to save priceless works of art from the invading Nazi army. Jaujard closed the Louvre as Europe edged closer to war and, together with hundreds of employees, acted swiftly to whisk the museum's contents into hiding and secure the Louvre’s treasures from the Nazis — including the Mona Lisa.

The film, which mixes archive footage with animation, masterfully details Jaujard’s efforts in preserving the Louvre’s contents and France’s entire public art collection. Come and see how these unknown heroes saved the Louvre!


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Event Details

Sat 3 Jun 2017
3:00pm - 4:00pm

Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Free Admission, Online registration required