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The Carter Center's China Program: Working Toward a Second Normalization

John Hardman (L) and Yawei Liu (R).

Breakfast Presentation by John Hardman, President and CEO and Yawei Liu, Director, China Program, The Carter Center

President Carter and Deng Xiaoping in 1978 made the momentous decision to normalize US-China relations. The Carter Center today plays a small role in advancing China's second "normalization" in US-China relations. After leaving the White House in 1981, President Carter launched a new global initiative to wage peace, fight disease and build hope. The Carter Center's China Program began in the late 1980s in the area of special education and assistance to the disabled and has expanded into promoting grassroots democracy, advancing access to information, providing online platforms for Chinese debate on political reform issues and offering civic education in China.

John Hardman is President and CEO of the Carter Center. He is an active participant in the Carter Center's program initiatives, including election monitoring in Asia, Africa and Latin America, global development strategies and conflict resolution efforts and agriculture programs. Dr. Hardman has held faculty appointments in psychiatry and pediatrics at Emory University Medical School.

Yawei Liu is director of the China Program and has monitored numerous Chinese village, township and county people's congress deputy elections. He was previously associate professor of American history at Georgia Perimeter College. Dr. Liu has written extensively on China's political developments and grassroots democracy. He is the founder and editor of the China elections and governance website www.chinaelections.org.


Event Details

Fri 4 Mar 2011
3:00am - 4:15am

American Club, Presidents' Room, 48/F, Exchange Square Two, Central Hong Kong

HK$250 Asia Society members/Full-time students; HK$300 non-members (priority to members). For registration, please contact [email protected]