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Call for observers and participants: Masterclass with Los Romero

Afternoon Masterclass with THE ROMERO GUITAR QUARTET
Master Class at 2pm - 4pm
Participating Students: Please submit a biography and at least 2 pieces you intend to play in the masterclass to programhk@asiasociety.org

Los Romero is not only synonymous to classical guitar quartet; the family invented the ensemble that would enrapture the world since the ensemble’s establishment in 1958. It all started with the legendary Celedonio Romero, a soloist best remembered with, as The New York Times wrote, ‘a warmth of tone and defiantly Romantic rhythmic flexibility.’ Originally teamed up with three of Celedonio’s sons, the quartet now consists of guitarists from his second and third generations. Since Celedonio, the Romero family has been blessed with having many virtuosi in one house. The musicians’ natural bonding gives performances of unprecedented vigor and vitality. Los Romero’s lasting legacy is the creation of an entirely new repertoire for guitar quartet, both as a chamber ensemble and as concert soloists. In this Masterclass, the quartet will be coaching local music students and guitar enthusiasts, providing performance technique instructions and general tips on becoming competent guitarists.

Players of all ages who possess both interest and knowledge of classical guitar may apply for this rare opportunity as soloists or ensembles. Relevant academic or professional training is preferred, but those with equivalent experience in classical guitar playing are also welcomed.

Up to 5 parties* will be selected based on their qualifications, achievements and experience in classical guitar and music. Interested parties please submit your biography and at least 2 pieces of music you intend to play in the masterclass to programhk@asiasociety.org by October 3, 2014. Successful candidates will be notified by October 9, 2014.

*A maximum of 9 musicians can enroll per ensemble


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Event Details

Mon 13 Oct 2014
2:00pm - 4:00pm

9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Observers: Free admission; online registration required