Appreciating and Buying Contemporary Asian Art, Part II


Evening presentation by Kate Cary Evans

Drinks reception at 6:30 pm
Presentation at 7:00 pm
Close at 8:00 pm

The art market has always been difficult to understand and is full of pitfalls for the new collector. But it is undergoing a revolution and, thanks to globalization and technology, is more open than ever before. The first of these two lectures concentrated on "buying" contemporary art and the second will concentrate on "appreciating" it. You do not need to have attended the first lecture to be able to learn from the second.

The traditional advice given when appreciating art is to "train the eye" by looking at plenty of art. For the novice, however, it can be difficult to know exactly how to do this. This lecture will cover formal art appreciation concepts such as narrative, composition, technique and historical background and will also demonstrate how "looking" can become an active creative process which can bring unexpected rewards so that you may never look at art in the same way again. It will enable you to access a whole new world of sensory and intellectual pleasure and to confidently develop, and credibly assert, your own ideas about what makes a piece of art "good."

Kate Cary Evans has been studying, writing and lecturing about contemporary Art for almost 30 years. She has written for Saatchi, HK Tatler, South China Morning Post and Asian art magazines. In 2008 she founded Art Radar Asia, an online resource which today has over 10,000 followers and is read by leading collectors, curators and scholars from international institutions such as Princeton and MOMA. She has spoken extensively to collectors, the art trade, students and scholars. Most recently she taught at the Hong Kong Baptist University and was involved in a scholarly panel discussion hosted by Casa Asia at ARCO Madrid and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal.

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Tue 10 Dec 2013
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong
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