Expanded Learning Toolkit

Afterschool and summer learning programs across the country have found that adopting a global learning framework can help build program quality and youth engagement. Asia Society is pleased to present a new website that features a range of materials that will help school leaders, afterschool program directors, trainers, and line staff integrate global learning into out-of-school time. The resources featured here are intended to provide everything necessary to create and tailor professional development experiences that will support high-quality out-of-school programming that prepares youth for success in work and life in the 21st century.

The website features rich resources and strategies for school principals and leadership teams, afterschool program directors and site coordinators, and trainers and professional development providers.

The website was developed in collaboration with six statewide afterschool networks in Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Georgia, Ohio, and Washington that are advancing global learning through the development and dissemination of tools, models, and resources for the field. The website includes and extends the Expanding Horizons: Building Global Literacy in Afterschool Programs guidebook.