Afterschool Professional Development Program

Get a training and a toolkit with ready-to-use activities. (track5/iStockPhoto)

Get a training and a toolkit with ready-to-use activities. (track5/iStockPhoto)

Asia Society's Partnership for Global Learning offers the Expanding Horizons professional development program, which includes a suite of hands-on training activities and ready-to-use resources that help afterschool trainers and staff embed global learning throughout their programs.

For many educators who come to understand the importance of helping youth achieve global competence, the task can seem overwhelming at first. However, there are many simple and intuitive ways to get started right away that can provide the foundation for a comprehensive approach to global learning. The Expanding Horizons program builds on the personal and local connections and experiences we all have as entry points to global learning.

The professional development program is designed to be modular in order to fit a variety of settings, and can be used for afterschool programs servicing all ages and levels of students. It includes a sequence of staff training activities that afterschool program directors or professional development providers can facilitate as part of in-house trainings, conference workshops, or staff meetings. There are several suggested training agendas of varying length, which include a comprehensive introduction to the concept of global competence, dynamic warm-ups, discussions, role-playing, reflection writing, and more. The training also includes several activities that staff can lead with young people.

A series of related resource materials include articles, worksheets, guides, scenarios, templates, and instructions for facilitating training activities with youth. The materials are intended to guide participant learning, provide additional content, and prompt participants to document ideas and plans generated in the training as well as upon return to their programs.

If you would like to learn more about the Expanding Horizons professional development program, please contact us at: 212-327-9307 or e-mail pgl[at] 

The Expanding Horizons program provides practical approaches and methods that supplement and extend the Expanding Horizons guidebook and video, which makes a case for the importance of global learning and offers a range of ideas, examples, and resources for out-of-school-time programs.

The Expanding Horizons program is the result of a collaborative development process between Asia Society and six Statewide Afterschool Networks across the United States, in Connecticut, Georgia, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, and Washington State, as well as national advisors and partner organizations. These partners are working with local afterschool networks and professional development providers to disseminate the training and tools throughout their state.