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Former US Diplomat on US-Asia Relations

Nicholas Platt (

Nicholas Platt (

We are also told that you have an abiding interest in film and literature, but it seems unlikely that you will have much time to devote to that given all that you have planned for your retirement.

New York is a feast and I plan to eat! There are all kinds of things here. I have a son who is a writer, a son who is an actor and a son who is a financial publisher and all of them live in New York and are doing things that are of interest to me.

When I got here 12 years ago, my children had all arrived in New York although none of them were born here (my wife and I were). One of the reasons that we came here was because New York had been a magnet for our children. Only one of them was married and only just. Now there are seven grandchildren and they all live here. It is not difficult to work out a good life that combines family and intellectual interests and passions. I would love to travel in Europe, which I have hardly done, but who knows? The European link with Asia has always been there but is now beginning to grow exponentially.

Would you like to add anything else, words of farewell to the Asia Society?

The Asia Society is a great institution. I have had a wonderful time making it grow. Vishakha Desai as my successor was my choice from the outset. I have full confidence that she will take the Asia Society in directions that we will all be proud of.


Interview conducted by Nermeen Shaikh, Asia Society Online