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Film / Hong Kong
Based on the novel of the same name, Naked Among Wolves tells the story of life and death in a concentration camp.
Film / Hong Kong
An uplifting and inspiring film that shows anything is possible with the right attitude and support.
Film / Hong Kong
An eye-opening documentary that exposes the common, yet incorrect reports from international media reports on the 2014 Gaza War.
Film / Hong Kong
The film explores the bonds that hold people together through thick and thin.
Film / New York
Tianyu is a blind boy whose mother believes his only chance for a future is to become a champion disabled ping-pong player. Tianyu has other ideas – envisioning a much wider world than his mother understands.
Briefing / Australia
Mr. Pérez, former Philippine Energy Minister and avid environment advocate and renewable energy investor will brief Asia Society Australia members and guests in Sydney on energy policy in Asia post-Paris
Film / New York
In the far mountains of Ningxia province, Muslim elder Ma Zishan mourns his deceased wife. His son wants to sacrifice the family’s only bull in memory of his mother, yet Zishan’s sorrow and his love for the old animal leave him unsure.
Film / Texas
Planned propaganda is hijacked in Vitaly Mansky's portrait of North Korean life.
Family Activity / Texas
Create experimental images inspired by the In the Wake exhibition using a photographic process known as cyanotypes.
Tour / Texas
Explore Yoshio Taniguchi's first free-standing structure in the United States.
Tour / Texas
Join Asia Society for a docent-led tour of our exhibitions 'In the Wake: Japanese Photographers Respond to 3/11' and '3DPRK: North Korean Portraits by Matjaž Tančič.'
Briefing / Switzerland
A discussion with the Vice President of the Asia Society Policy Institute and former US trade negotiator.