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Discussion / New York
Award-winning journalist Dan Washburn discusses of his recent book, which uses the politically taboo topic of golf to paint what critics have called “an illuminating portrait of modern China.”
Conference / Southern California
6th Annual Film Summit and Gala Dinner
Briefing / Australia
What sort of superpower will China be and what are the implications for Australian business?
Panel Discussion / New York
Experts from Harvard Business School, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, and the Harvard Graduate School of Design, will discuss their experience studying the world’s largest festival
Performance / Texas
Multi-artist Jen Shyu contemporizes the spirit of traditional Taiwanese music and poetry in this stunning performance.
Special Event / New York
Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights and New Year, is a time to celebrate family and friendships.
Tour / Hong Kong
Tour / Hong Kong
Join us for an evening ecological walk to search for resident fruit bat and other night animals.
Performance / Texas
Medieval Japan and England meet in contemporary Texas through this triple-bill inspired by Japanese noh theater and kyogen.
Meet the Author / Hong Kong
Daniel A. Bell will explore how the Chinese-style political meritocracy can be morally desirable and politically stable, and how it can help remedy the key flaws of electoral democracy.
Meet the Author / Hong Kong
Nov 10, 2015: Luncheon Presentation by Professor Atul Gawande on international bestseller “Being Mortal”
Performance / Texas
This concert weaves the distinct sounds of traditional Japanese instruments with the musical language of the West.