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Meet the Author / Hong Kong
A wake up call of the melting snowcaps at the Himalayan caused by burning of coal and other fuels in both China and India.
Lecture / Korea
November's guest: H.E. Kaman Singh Lama, Ambassador of Nepal to Korea.
Lecture / Texas
Professor Christopher Kelley explores the Buddhist truth of suffering through comedy.
Other / New York
Make new professional and personal connections in an evening of networking, art, and ambiance with the LGBT community.
Discussion / Philippines
A historical and cultural look into Blue-and-White ceramics.
Discussion / New York
Leading curators and experts in new media art discuss the evolution of the art form and ways of presenting to and engaging audiences.
Film / Hong Kong
A powerful and timely film by one of France’s most celebrated filmmakers.
Film / Hong Kong
An unforgettable cinematic experience featuring exceptional performances, arresting cinematography and transcendent musical score,
Film / Hong Kong
This screening is part of the The 15th Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival, for more information, please visit
Film / Hong Kong
A touching, funny portrait of two generations who don’t always see eye to eye but find strength in each other.
Film / Hong Kong
A highly original, visually stunning and emotionally devastating film that celebrates the musicians whose lives were lost in the Holocaust.
Film / Hong Kong
A closed and deeply conservative Druze community is scandalized by the return of one of its native sons in Arabani, the first film by an Israeli-Druze filmmaker.