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Performance / Hong Kong
Rajasthan Josh, the World music band which creates a mesmerising performance combining the folk traditions of the North Western region of India.
Performance / Texas
Japan’s leading ensemble performs a program of classical and contemporary compositions on traditional Japanese instruments.
Special Event / New York
A rare opportunity to see traditional Japanese theater, with master performers of Noh and Kyogen
Performance / Hong Kong
One of the foremost dance companies of India. Although steeped in and dedicated to ancient practice, Nrityagram dancers are also involved in carrying Indian dance into the twenty-first century.
Performance / Hong Kong
C sharp C blunt is based on the concept of the loop. An electronic musician, live on stage creates and layers loops from live sound.
Workshop / Hong Kong
Shantum Seth is an ordained teacher in the Zen tradition of the Vietnamese Master, Thich Nhat Hanh. Join his immersive workshop with meditation sessions and conversations about the Buddha.
An opportunity to visit flagship International Studies Schools Network member schools to see Asia Society’s school model for global competence firsthand.
Briefing / Northern California
David Barboza, the Pulitzer-prize winning Shanghai bureau chief for the New York Times, discusses his investigations into China's newly-minted oligarchs.
Panel Discussion / Washington DC
ASPI President Kevin Rudd will moderate a panel discussion on the challenges posed by resurgent extremism in the Asia-Pacific region and the opportunities for greater regional counter-terrorism collaboration.
Discussion / New York
Leading experts from KPMG, USIBC and Asia Society host an annual event focused on the U.S.-India business corridor
Film / New York
Part of the series "Of Ghosts, Samurai and War: A Series of Classic Japanese Film"
Family Activity / Texas
Design projects to celebrate spring festivities in South and Southeast Asia.