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Special Event / Hong Kong
Celebrating its 10th edition, Fine Art Asia 2014 will host 100 of the world’s most renowned galleries.
Other / Texas
Discover Aborigines' dreamtime art and the importance of the kangaroo in Australia's history.
Discussion / Texas
Explore Yoshio Taniguchi's first free-standing structure in the United States.
Film / Hong Kong
. Although Wan-deuk is confused, he continues to meet his mother and begins to open his heart to his family and neighbor’s affections.
Discussion / Texas
Experience art on a personal level, learn about art historical periods and styles, and hear stories associated with the artwork.
Film / Hong Kong
Later, Kang-doo receives a call from Hyun-seo and learns that she is alive. Kang-doo, along with his father and siblings set out to search for Hyun-seo…
Other / Texas
This beginner course for adult language learners provides a basic introduction and foundation in Mandarin Chinese.
Panel Discussion / Texas
United States Ambassadors to Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore discuss local impact of ASEAN/U.S. trade.
How are the tools and tactics of cyber-attacks, and cyber defense, evolving over time?
Performance / Hong Kong
The collective will be making their Hong Kong debut at Asia Society Hong Kong Center with a special repertoire of traditional Korean folk songs, classical opera and Broadway tunes.
Lecture / Texas
Honorable Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara discusses efforts to reconcile the Tamil and Sinhalese communities.
Special Event / Texas
An exclusive, members-only look at Asia Society Texas Center's evolution from its leadership.