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Conference / New York
2015 Diversity Leadership Forum - Unleashing Innovation & Capturing Market Opportunities: Powering Asian Talent
Lecture / New York
Godharis are quilts fashioned from scraps without designs or patterns
Discussion / New York
At this Asia Society Policy Institute event, experts will discuss the state of regional governance in Asia and the possibility for Asian countries to develop a pan-regional institution that can manage security challenges over time.
Performance / Hong Kong
MADz will perform a wide repertoire of styles and forms in a special mini-concert at Asia Society Hong Kong Center.
Lecture / Texas
A panel discussion led by Major Annise Parker examines U.S-India economic relations.
Panel Discussion / Northern California
Scholars, writers, and artists discuss the exhibition, 28 Chinese, contemporary art, and current issues artists face.
Class / Hong Kong
Class / Hong Kong
Mak will demonstrate and guide participants to paint comical childhood portraits on personalized tote bags.
Panel Discussion / Northern California
Experts discuss the future of Japan, prospects for Abenomics, and the role of the private sector in catalyzing economic growth in Japan
Discussion / New York
Fareed Zakaria and Nisid Hajari will discuss the current state of India-Pakistan relations and the legacy of partition on the occasion of the release of Hajari's book "Midnight's Furies."
Discussion / New York
One year after his election, has Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India started to deliver on his promises? Has his government met expectations? ASPI presents an expert discussion of Modi’s achievements and his policy agenda.
Lecture / Korea
Guest Speaker: Ho-Sung Kim, CEO, Realies Pictures