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Conference / Southern California
U.S.-China Film Summit
Panel Discussion / Online
Join education experts from around the world to explore how their systems are tackling the critical issues facing the world today and what they're learning from one another.
AsiaStore Event / New York
Alexandra takes inspiration from the beauty and power of the Ottoman Empire, reinterpreting the jewels and gemstones with her creative touch.
Meet the Author / Northern California
A conversation with Arthur Kroeber on China's economic forecast.
Special Event / Southern California
U.S.-China Film Gala
Meet the Author / New York
Muslims in India, as seen through the eyes of one of India's leading journalists, Saeed Naqvi.
Discussion / Hong Kong
An evening discussion that relates documentary photography to street photography, art, and social responsibility.
Panel Discussion / Northern California
How similar or disparate are women's equality issues in Japan and the U.S.?
Leaders deliberate workforce issues in China as the nation shifts toward a knowledge-based economy.
Discussion / Australia
Our first GEN A CEO Masterclass- open to GEN A participants and special guests. ANZ Laos CEO Anna Green will give an overview of life as a CEO in South East Asia
Discussion / Switzerland
Klaus Wowereit and Parag Khanna will discuss the rise of cities and its impact on our global order.
Film / New York
An understated, semi-autobiographical story of a father and daughter, each equally adrift at opposite ends of their lives. Their separate but parallel lives cross—and clash—in their last days together.