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Special Event / Southern California
U.S.-China Film Gala
Meet the Author / New York
Muslims in India, as seen through the eyes of one of India's leading journalists, Saeed Naqvi.
Discussion / Hong Kong
An evening discussion that relates documentary photography to street photography, art and social responsibility.
Panel Discussion / Northern California
How similar or disparate are women's equality issues in Japan and the U.S.?
Leaders deliberate workforce issues in China as the nation shifts toward a knowledge-based economy.
Discussion / Australia
Our first GEN A CEO Masterclass- open to GEN A participants and special guests. ANZ Laos CEO Anna Green will give an overview of life as a CEO in South East Asia
Conference / Southern California
Asia Women Leaders Speaker Series: Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling
Film / New York
An understated, semi-autobiographical story of a father and daughter, each equally adrift at opposite ends of their lives. Their separate but parallel lives cross—and clash—in their last days together.
Discussion / Switzerland
Klaus Wowereit and Parag Khanna will discuss the rise of cities and its impact on our global order.
Film / New York
An intricately woven tale of a chance encounter between three gangsters plying the border between Hong Kong and China just before the British administrative handover of Hong Kong in the summer of 1997.
Film / New York
The rich complexity of human relationships is central to this story of a young girl, her father, and his father, who each long to strengthen their bonds, but find themselves fighting the weight of personal and national histories.
Discussion / Hong Kong
An evening discussion on Chinese food, cooking and culture.