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Jul 16 2017 - Jul 22 2017

Family Activity / Hong Kong
Join us for a series of fun-filled educational workshops with Miffy this summer!
This interactive summer program offers high school students a deeper understanding of important issues in India.
Lecture / Hong Kong
Explore how the international public reacts to U.S. President Donald Trump and how the Trump presidency is affecting America’s global image.
Meet the Author / Hong Kong
Meet Prof. Kishore Mahbubani, co-author of The ASEAN Miracle, and discover success of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.
Panel Discussion / Philippines
SparQ, a group of leading Filipino entrepreneurs and consultants, discusses how ideas can become tangible impact, and how collaboration can lead to change.
Lecture / Washington DC
Ravi Agrawal's inaugural AsiaX talk on India’s technology revolution and how the emergence of the internet, smart phones, and a digital society are transforming the world’s largest democracy.
Class / Australia
Delivered by PwC Partners this a super-charged GEN A Masterclass on negotiating in ASEAN & Japan.
Family Activity / Hong Kong
Lecture / Texas
'Modern Twist' guest curator Dr. Andreas Marks will look into the historical development of bamboo art in Japan and provide an overview of the leading bamboo artists of the early 20th century.
Lecture / Texas
Through creative exercises, meditation practice, and conversation, we will explore the history and contemporary use of mandalas and some of the questions that arise from putting ancient spiritual tools to new purposes.
Film / Hong Kong
Anthony Minghella's elegant production of Puccini's poignant tragedy continues to enchant audiences globally.