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Jul 20 2014 - Jul 26 2014

Hong Kong
Participants will work together to develop their own secret family language referencing Xu Bing’s Square Word Calligraphy, The Character of Characters and Book from the Ground.
Film / Hong Kong
The trajectory of abstract expressionist painter resonates with that of the rising Chinese contemporary art.
Film / Hong Kong
This film explores how Li Chen's work transcends the cultural boundaries.
Discussion / Hong Kong
Does our part of the world look different when viewed through different national, cultural and linguistic spectacles? Join us for a literary “entente cordiale” with two acclaimed writers.
Northern California
What does the new leadership mean for India's economy and foreign policy? What are the implications for religious and ethnic tensions?
Film / New York
A 13 year-old girl travels from rural Nepal to the “Happiness House,” a sordid brothel in Kolkata where she encounters incredible optimism, tenacity, and camaraderie that enable her to survive.
Lecture / Texas
Join us to hear Houston fashionista Chloe Dao discuss the topic of “heritage” in this engaging breakfast lecture.
Discussion / Hong Kong
There is good reason to keep applauding as China goes global: but if Beijing does not reciprocate at home with access comparable to what its firms expect abroad, the good news story will sour quickly.
Hong Kong
Drop in to create your own masterpiece.