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May 25 2014 - May 31 2014

Lecture / Hong Kong
Géraldine Lenain will show that behind the respected and romantic figure of this great dealer lies an extraordinary and controversial story.
Performance / Hong Kong
A live performance by Aristo Music will follow Bruce Adolphe’s streamed lecture.
Lecture / Hong Kong
What must happen for China to fully capitalize on the services shift? How can an offshoring nation embrace an offshoring strategy to capture new markets and spur innovation?
Discussion / New York
Join Sim Chi Yin, a photographer based in China, for an evening of photos and discussion of her work documenting Chinese society.
Performance / New York
This solo performance of a woman living simultaneously in multiple cultures reveals a personal journey of loss and redemption made universal.
Special Event / New York
Passport in hand, you and your children will visit China, India, Iran, and Korea — four countries with rich histories and cultural traditions.
Meet the Author / Hong Kong
“Wish You Happy Forever” relates the humor and heartbreak of her dogged efforts to become the voice of forgotten children in China.
Discussion / Hong Kong
Provides a global perspective on building a resilient city in the face of these complex and constantly changing risks using Hong Kong, London and New York as examples.
Lecture / Hong Kong
Review the selection criteria for the Scholarships, which include intellectual achievement, personal character, demonstrated skill development and the instinct to lead.
Hong Kong
Provides a stimulating environment for children to explore the theme of the exhibition and an opportunity to create their own silkworm series.