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Special Event / Australia
Mrs Carrie Lam on Hong Kong in the dynamic and interconnected Asia
Discussion / Hong Kong
Sep 16, 2015: Talk on modernism architecture with W. Lim, J. Roberts and S. Alice Mong.
Tour / India
Join us Tanvi Mishra as she guides us through the exhibition Surge: The Pakistan Issue of PIX Quarterly.
Discussion / Hong Kong
Sep 16, 2015: Presentation by Professor Zheng Yongnian on reinvention of China's political system.
Discussion / India
Join us as we discuss the working lives of 40 leading CEOs, encompassing their leadership styles, personal motivations, quirks and recipes for success.
Lecture / New York
An introduction to the extraordinary objects in the exhibition Philippine Gold and the complex, rich societies of the pre-colonial Philippines which produced them.
Class / Texas
This 10-week course beginning September 14 provides a basic introduction and foundation in Mandarin Chinese.
Performance / Hong Kong
“舒舒舒…舒伯特” 結合了音樂,舞蹈,視覺藝術和戲劇,以一種非常規的方式介紹古典音樂。
Performance / Hong Kong
Sep 13, 2015: Experience a series of fantastical events through a magical painting into the 19th century Europe!
Performance / New York
The stirring music and dance of this delightful plucked string ensemble
Panel Discussion
What is it like to photograph and report in the People’s Republic, where censorship is the norm and journalists often face more restrictions than regular citizens?
Special Event / New York
A celebratory evening with live music, food, drinks and museum tours