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Tour / Texas
Explore Yoshio Taniguchi's first free-standing structure in the United States.
Family Activity / Texas
Learn about the many ways carved blocks have been used in Asian art and textiles to create art known as relief prints, then make your own.
Tour / Hong Kong
An exclusive day tour of the Hi! House exhibition around Hong Kong, led by its project curator and local artists.
Discussion / Online
Join the Center for Global Education weekly on Thursdays for a Twitter chat on global education topics. This week's chat focuses on a new book by Jennifer Klein, The Global Education Guidebook.
Panel Discussion / New York
Join us for a discussion with Ambassador John Limbert, Karim Sadjadpour, Gary Samore, moderated by Nazee Moinian on the rapid changes occurring in Iran and the U.S. that will shape relations between the two countries in the coming years.
Lecture / Hong Kong
Stephen Wong introduces coveted and precious baseball uniforms from 20th century Major League player and more collectibles that explore the history and soul of the sport.
Discussion / Southern California
Candles and Umbrellas: Protest Movements and Politics in South Korea and Hong Kong
Lecture / Hong Kong
A thought-provoking presentation on how design thinking can help leaders and thinkers achieve better, empower colleagues, and tap into the innovation potential of people at all organizational levels.
Panel Discussion / Hong Kong
A documentary screening followed by an eye-opening panel discussion on the struggle to save two unique wildlife species.
The first ExploreAsia summer camp session (June 5-9) explores social issues and changes in Asia.
Film / Hong Kong
A French documentary that tells the story of how a director of the Louvre museum and his team during WWII saved priceless art works from the Nazis. Come and see how these unknown heroes saved the Louvre!
Panel Discussion / Hong Kong
An insightful evening discussion the artists’ idiosyncratic visual lingo to discover how their works reflect the past inhabitants and what stories they had in the "Hi! Houses" project.