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Discussion / New York
Jack Ma in conversation with Orville Schell
Special Event / New York
Spring has sprung at Asia Society! Norouz is the biggest festival of the Persian New Year and marks the beginning of spring.
Film / New York
At the height of nuclear tensions between India and Pakistan, Arjun and his best friend, Chabia, weigh their options for the future against the reality of life on the streets of Mumbai.
Panel Discussion / New York
On the theme of "The Voice and Spirituality." Participants include Italian actress/director Pamela Villoresi, Tibetan singer Yungchen Lhamo, Professor Giacomella Orofino (Tibetan Literature, Oriental University of Naples).
Performance / New York
Yungchen Lhamo is the leading Tibetan vocalist on the world stage. Grounded in spirituality, her music is often described as 'beautifully evocative,' 'mesmerizing,' and 'transcendent.'
Lecture / New York
Director, scholar, curator, and advisor, Sherman E. Lee cast an important light on the field of Asian art.
Performance / New York
Experience a moving performance that merges personal history, contemporary dance, and visual art.
Performance / New York
Korean music can be deeply soulful and pulsatingly exuberant.
Meet the Author / New York
Join novelist Amitav Ghosh (The Glass Palace and the Hungry Tide) and scholar, cultural critic Kwame Anthony Appiah, Princeton University (Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers) for an insightful discussion on Sea of Poppies.
Film / New York
When Atieh's former lover Aziz re-appears after a 20-year absence, he tries to close her popular restaurant.
Film / New York
In the early'1980s, Xiao Yun'a sixteen year'old girl living in small riverside town'discovers she is pregnant.
Film / New York
Celebrated Iranian filmmaker Dariush Mehrjui (The Cow, The Pear Tree) will premier his latest film Santouri.