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Discussion / Hong Kong
Economist Martin Feldestein outlines the prospects for the U.S. economy and how it will be affected by the “fiscal cliff”.
Discussion / New York
Manu Joseph's eagerly awaited new novel explores the mystery of family relationships: how do we understand the people we love?
Briefing / New York
Annual APEC briefing program hosted by Asia Society, the U.S. National Center for APEC and the U.S. APEC Business Coalition.
Performance / Hong Kong
The fourth performance in a series of lunchtime concerts, with free admission, jointly presented by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and Asia Society Hong Kong Center.
Discussion / Hong Kong
Ask local Hong Kong and international Juilliard students what life is like at one of the most famous music conservatories in the world.
Discussion / Southern California
Join David Hale and Lyric Hughes Hale for a discussion of how they see the U.S. relationship with Asia evolving over the short- to medium-term.
Discussion / India
Saskia Sassen, Arjun Appadurai and Anupama Rao explore how public space can offer rhetorical and operational openings for the powerless.
PARTNERSHIPS & COLLABORATIONS | A program of cinematic work by emerging artists from China working in video and video installation.
Performance / Hong Kong
If you are an amateur musician and play chamber music with your friends, why not participate on stage?
Performance / Hong Kong
First program in 2013, ASHK kicks off with the Hong Kong International Chamber Music Festival 2013 free concert!
Special Event / New York
Asia Society members get first opportunity to purchase items included in the AsiaStore Winter Sale.
Discussion / Hong Kong
How do the World Health Organization and its partners keep the world alert to infectious disease threats and ready to respond?