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Meet the Author / Australia
A distinguished diplomat looks back on 50 years of public service.
Panel Discussion / Northern California
More Asian American candidates than ever are competing in San Francisco elections this year. Can we still speak of "Asian American politics"?
Lecture / Texas
In a bold new book, Chandran Nair argues that the Western model of consumption-led economic growth cannot be replicated in Asia.
Discussion / Hong Kong
M+ Executive Director Dr. Lars Nittve will discuss the planning behind the museum and its role in building an audience for contemporary art in Hong Kong.
Film / New York
Filmmaker and journalist Floris-Jan van Luyn is on the front lines of modern China, depicting the country's major historical shifts through the experiences of the individuals living through them.
Special Event / New York
Asia Society Members Special Discount Days! In appreciation of your support, Asia Society members get a 20% discount on merchandise purchased at AsiaStore on these special days.
Film / New York
An elderly woman shuffles around the neighborhood grocery store where she works, attending to the mundane tasks of shopkeeping.
Film / New York
The father of two, Luo originally became a coal miner to pay off the fine for violating China's one child policy.
Discussion / India
Bring your family for a fanciful afternoon of travel through Asia through the gift of storytelling.
Discussion / New York
Activist and author Arundhati Roy discusses the ongoing tragic situation in Kashmir with writer and critic Pankaj Mishra.
Special Event / New York

Add a dash of culture to your network, expand your circle and connect with new peers at Asia Society's Leo Bar.

Special Event / New York
It's time for the US administration under Obama to re-engage with East Asia.