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Panel Discussion / Hong Kong
Panelists will discuss working women, work-life balance and related health issues.
Discussion / New York
10 Years of Progress — A Celebration of International Women’s Day
Special Event / Washington DC
His Excellency Akramul Qader, Ambassador of Bangladesh to the United States, will host a Diplomatic Dialogue to present his views on U.S.-Bangladesh relations.
Discussion / New York
Under Secretary Hormats will discuss the progress, challenges, and opportunities for U.S.- China economic relations.
Panel Discussion / Hong Kong
Panelists will discuss the changing profile of mergers & acquisitions in and out of Asia.
Film / New York
Academy Award-nominated documentary follows several women attacked with acid in Pakistan, their fight for justice, and a surgeon's quest to save their faces.
Panel Discussion / Hong Kong
What are the barriers to greening Hong Kong’s built environment? Panelists will discuss the potential for a vibrant green building market in Hong Kong.
Performance / New York
Afghan music meets Indian music in this concert by three virtuoso performers.
Discussion / India
Join us for a discussion on what India must do to revive investment and raise growth back up to 9% from the current 7% level, in the aftermath of the global financial crisis.
Discussion / New York
What lies ahead for the global economy? Find out in a talk with former Citigroup vice chair William (Bill) Rhodes and former vice chair of the Federal Reserve Alan Blinder.
Panel Discussion / New York
Panelists will address fundamental questions of statehood in Central Asia.
Meet the Author / Northern California
Pulitzer Prize finalist Gregg Jones shares the extraordinary story of America’s drive for an overseas empire, and the brutal realities that become apparent for those living under foreign jurisdiction.