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Special Event / Hong Kong
Celebrate the Year of the Snake at Asia Society Hong Kong Center!
LIFELONG LEARNING | Docent-led exhibition tours exhibitions allow visitors to experience art on a personal level, learn about art historical periods and styles, and hear stories associated with the artwork.
LIFELONG LEARNING | Opportunities to see Yoshio Taniguchi's first free-standing structure in the U.S. focus on the materials, influences, and ambience of the building.
Discussion / Hong Kong
The designers at this workshop will re-think one’s living by appreciating their physical and tangible surroundings.
Discussion / Hong Kong
This workshop will discuss poignant examples of how function and the ornamental meet in unexpected ways.
Hong Kong
This workshop will examine the concept of ‘delegated fabrication’ in the field of architectural design.
Discussion / Hong Kong
A luncheon disscussion on how the level of playing field for women be equal to men in boardrooms.
Panel Discussion / Hong Kong
Evening Forum with leading architects, designers, artist and curator to discuss how designers are questioning the status quo and inspiring us to rethink how we live.
Panel Discussion / Northern California
A panel of experts talk about U.S. immigration policy.
The Huffington Award Luncheon honors Jon Huntsman, Jr.
Northern California
We're kicking off the New Year by showing our appreciation for our growing Young Professionals membership.
EDUCATOR NIGHT | A two-hour workshop that will examine the history of Sikhism in America and give tips on how to teach the religion in your classrooms.