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Worldwide Locations

In Egypt, Obama urged the U.S. and Muslims to unite against extremism. Do you think that will happen?

In short, Muslims have a

In short, Muslims have a great history and great, and always have great ambition in this world and the Hereafter, is the population of a quarter of the earth, but each of their countries in this age is very weak, so is their grave injustices towards them from the West

I think this approach has

I think this approach has been tried before. Obama brings new hope and let's hope it works. However I think a review of how relations with Muslim people are managed overall is more likely to bring lasting change.

Merely urging to unite does

Merely urging to unite does not help to counter extremism.This will only substantiate with a firm action which is long awaited by the people of world from America.Meeting the aspirations of the people of world is still a long away in differenting the actions between of predecessors and president obama

Hello there, I understand

Hello there, I understand how the world looks at America. Our international policies, the leaders we have supported and the processes we have used have not been what a nation like us should have done. I too am not always proud of my country's actions. So I understand how you feel and why you do not trust us. However, when you think of our country please remember also; we the people of the United States donate to disaster relief efforts everywhere. It is the everyday person whose hearts are touched. It is the everyday person who reaches into their pockets to help others far from us. Our country is more than our politicians and beaurocrats. We the people want peace, we want our sons and daughters to be fair , respecting and accepting other country's values, creeds and policies. We want eqality and justice in our own country. We too want values lived out and not just spoken about. Please look for peaceful ways of bridging our differences. Please remember we too feel we are not always well represented. But we can exercise and voice our displeasure at our leaders agendas and actions. We can vote people in our out of office. That is equality. People having a choice and not doing things out of fear of punishment. The Truth is not always revealed to us due to "security" reasons. Maybe this is the way politics is played out. We must work with those we voted into office. I did not vote for President Obama, however I support his desire to make peace with nation not similar or supportive of us. I laud his courage to reach out in peace knowing this may upset many. People are fearful of differences and change. We are fearful of extremists as they resort to using violence as their best form of communication. They promote ideologies through distruction, death and random fear. What good does that do for civilization? An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. If we must fight let us fight hard against ignorance. Let us fight vehemently againt epidemics. Let us fight to the death to irradicate poverty. Let us fight to give women and children a chance to live. Let us unite and prevent the extremism that is expressed through physical or mental violence and cruelty. While we fight we should pray that Statesman and peacemakers come to the forefront to lead our nations. Give Peace a chance. If we cannot imagine peace in the world how can peace exist. Please think Peace and pray for peaceful solutions. Where ever you are know there are many here in America who stand for peace. There are many who pray for peace. God is great, merciful and compassionate. May your prayers and mine be heard by Him. Please support all who support peace. Gandhi and Martin Luther King and others lived and died fighting and praying for change in a peaceful manner." Be the change you wish to see in the world" Gandhi.

I do not think it it up to

I do not think it it up to the US to suggest how the Egyptians should act. Yanks go home and solve problems with their own people, the poor Americans who have been defrauded by the financial sharks, the Afro-Americans, the Latinos, death penelty, police brutality in the US. Invasion of Iraq, Afghanista, Pakistan where civilians are being murdered, the US is responsible. Who are they to preach democracy ? They only have the big stick to wave at poor, small nations.

Most likely, it'll be

Most likely, it'll be somewhere in the middle. Cooperation will happen to some degree, but the United States will not get support from everyone. I think most Muslims just want themselves and their families to be safe. They support neither the United States nor the extremists because neither side has their hands clean. I hope that in the long run, more Muslims will see that extremism is against their religion, their safety, and interests - many already feel this way. They won't ally themselves with the U.S, but they will stop the extremists to protect themselves and their countries.

Why US so worried about

Why US so worried about muslims now. They are the country who push people to terrorism. As a whole US always like to create some uncertinity in developing countries. That's their motto. If US keep there dirty hands away form thses countruies I don't think there will be no unrest amoung people. They try to do the same thing to Sri Lanka also. But fortuantely Sri Lankan Presidednt would be able to handle the situvation werry well. But they never appriciate the defete of terrorism , but they start talking about freedom of released innocent tamil people. US said they don't have any freedom from SL army...and so on. Who push these people in to unrest ..probably by tigers..not by Sri Lankan government. Now Tamils can see green light. Therefore please away form these situvations. Then the world will be peacefull.

Before you post something in

Before you post something in English, maybe you should make sure you can spell properly.