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Videoconferences are easy and an authentic way to practice language--and get a window to the world. (gruntzooki/flickr)
Languages Translate to a World of Learning
School foreign language programs often catalyze global studies in other areas of the curriculum. more
At John Stanford International School (Seattle), students mix comparative literature, world geography, and statistics all in one class--conducted completely in Japanese. Image: Asia Society.
Real Context, Real Language
There are great benefits to thematic learning in elementary school language classrooms. See how students can demonstrate higher-order thinking--in another language. more
Our schools are trying to keep up with the increasing demand for multilingualism. (iStockPhoto)
State Policies and Practices
Proven strategies drawn from real models! more
A student-annotated Vietnamese textbook. (Dave*M/
Vietnamese Language
An introduction to Vietnamese language and pronunciation. more
The Korean alphabet was invented under King Sejong about 450 years ago. (neomistyle/
Korean Language
Korean is among the world's most misunderstood and misrepresented languages. more
A sign advertising shaved ice. (*higetiger/flickr)
The Japanese Language
U.S.-Japan trade has spurred a surge in Americans learning Japanese. more
Hindi writing on the front of a temple in India. (
Some half billion people speak Hindi in the world's largest democracy. more
Speaking Dari? (Fardin Waezi/UNAMA)
One of the primary languages spoken in Afghanistan. more
Indonesian students (sektordua/flickr)
Bahasa Indonesian
The language spoken in the fourth most populous nation on earth. more