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Why Speak Chinese?
Asia Society's China Learning Initiatives held a contest—Why Speak Chinese—to celebrate the hard work of students and let others see their peers from so many different backgrounds learning Chinese and loving it. more
Kevin Ho/Flickr
Chinese Learning Resources
Online resources to help you enrich your study of Chinese, whether you're just beginning or advanced! more
China in Plain English
This 11-episode series follows Howie Southworth and Greg Matza as they make their way through China, but neither of them speaks Mandarin. Through their adventures and misadventures, we learn about China through a new and fascinating lens. more
A boy smiles in China. (Padmanaba01 / Flickr)
Fun Reads About China
Articles about China that are both fun and engaging. more
11.11 Singles' Day (Chrionexfleckeri1350/Wikimedia)
Move Over Double-O Seven
NYU Shanghai Junior Kiril Bolotnikov discusses the biggest shopping day of the year in China: Singles' Day. more
Sophie Anderson with her language partner at Olympic Park in Beijing. (Sophie Anderson)
Language is More Than a Tool
Sophie Anderson, a junior at Gig Harbor High School near Seattle, was initially frustrated when she spent five weeks in Beijing this summer. However, a strong friendship with her language partner helped change her perspective. more
Heavenly Street at Mt. Tai (See-Ming Lee / Flickr)
The Many Dialects of China
Mandarin is one of many dialects of Chinese, and it's important to understand the diversity of dialects across China. NYU Shanghai Junior Kiril Bolotnikov explores the many dialects of China. more
Episode 12: Chinese Tones
Jesse Appell dives into the often confusing tones that make the Chinese language what it is. But while the tones can be frustrating to master, there's also a sort of musical beauty to them. more
The Great LOL of China episode 12: Chinese Tones

Video: The Tonal Beauty of Mandarin, Expressed Through A-Capella Fruit

In the 12th episode of The Great LOL of China comedy series, Jesse Appell and friends illustrate through song the beautiful (albeit confusing) Chinese tones. more
Mooncake (happykiddo / Flickr)
Eat (Mooncakes), Pray (for Auspice), Love (to Travel)
This year, Mid-Autumn Festival fell on September 27. To celebrate this holiday, we asked Kiril Bolotnikov, a junior at NYU Shanghai, to report on how international students celebrate this Chinese holiday. more