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The earth is warming up, and scientists say it is due to greenhouse gases that are released through human activities. (Daryl Mulvihill/Flickr)
Global Climate Change: Face Off with the Future
Do you think people should go on the offensive to slow global warming, or try to adapt to effects as they arise? more
The Good, The Bad... We Are All Beautiful
A youth-produced video from Charlotte, North Carolina about the effect of immigration and diversity on their community, and how tolerance and acceptance can emerge from what is sometimes a cacophony of different cultures. more
Families - We Are Together
A youth-produced video from Mathis, Texas about the closeness of a small town where families come together to support neighbors in need. more
Onthel (Vintage Bicycle)
A youth-produced video about the changes technology and progress have brought to Jogjakarta, Indonesia. more
A youth-produced video about respect between young people and their peers, parents, and elders from Jogjakarta, Indonesia. more
Believe Beliefs
A youth-produced video about superstitions from Jogjakarta, Indonesia. more