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North Korean stamp: Let's continuously study and perfect the battle strategy that's right for our country's situation. (PictureLake/iStockPhoto)
North Korea: This Is Not Just About a Test
North and South Korea share sixty years of hostility, warfare, and bloodshed. However, despite that relatively recent history, the people on the Korean peninsula share over a thousand years of a common culture, language, and family ties. more
Photo courtsey flickr/Khans'
Eight Rupees
A story of an Indian boy trying to make it in life. more
Why are so many eager to join the “nuclear club”? (Dim Sum/Flickr)
Nuclear Asia: Has the World Gone M.A.D.?
Does every nation have the right to possess nuclear weapons for self-defense? more
Women are central to the mission of microfinance. (Asia Society)
Microfinance and Women: The Micro-Mystique
Worldwide, microfinance loans serve almost 20 million people living in poverty. 74% of these clients are women. more
To be successful, microfinance programs in China had to work within existing networks. (Deb Agrin)
Microfinance in China: Micro vs. Mandarin
How microfinance institutions adapted in order to survive and thrive in China. more
Microfinance programs offer financial services to the poor to help start small businesses. (Asia Society)
Microfinance: Seeds of Change
Microfinance enables people to escape a cycle of poverty by giving them loans to start a trade or business and savings accounts to accrue interest. more
Japan's Mt. Fuji. (Amy Bogin)
Who Ate Kyoto?: Environmental Conservation in Japan
Why is Japan failing to curb greenhouse gas emissions? more
China is the largest manufacturer in the world. (DCvision2006/Flickr)
Manufacturing Malady: The Hidden Cost of a Product
Who or what is responsible for environmental harm caused by manufacturing practices? more
The soft, malleable coast of Bangladesh is vulnerable to rising seas. (Md. Asif Ali/Flickr)
Bangladesh: In the Eye of the Storm
What makes Bangladesh so vulnerable to the effects of global warming? more
Pollution and power lines in northern China. (AdamCohn/Flickr)
Appetite for Energy: Working Together
How can countries balance building a strong economy with protecting the environment? more