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partnership ideas

Students at International School of the Americas take part in a service learning project. Photo courtesy of the school.
Service Learning
Service learning is a terrific way to learn about the real world--locally and globally--while fulfilling curricular requirements. more
From the ancient animal fable collection, The Panchatantra, illustrated by Jami Waggoner.
A World of Children's Literature
Explore online international literature collections as a way to expand student horizons. Includes a recommended reading list. more
Many universities have a mandate--and an abundance of human, financial, and material resources--to help your students learn about the world. Image: ankneyd/flickr.
Universities as Resources
Universities are a rich resource for schools: study tours, teacher courses, curriculum, and much more. more
Many local businesses have gone global. School partnerships with businesses reap many rewards, now and well into the future. Image: DCvision2006/flickr.
Businesses as School Partners
Many businesses invest in schools to help workforce needs by preparing the next generation of workers and leaders. Here are some ways to think about business partnerships and how to create them. more
What does this film teach us about the world? And about ourselves? Image: Miramax.
Field Trip of Dreams: Bringing the World to Your Classroom through Film
Foreign films is a meaningful and effective teaching tool. Learn about organizations that can link your classroom to foreign films--and the world. more